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15 levels from easy sudoku, to difficult sudoku using X-wing and XY-wing etc.
Over 100,000 games in 15 levels.
In this app, there are various Sudoku puzzles that everyone can enjoy.
Of course, Sudoku PRO is free to play !


Sudoku is famous for fantastic brain games.
Sudoku PRO is a fun and entertaining app to help you develop and maintain brain abilities such as memory, concentration and reasoning.
That’s ideal for brain training as well as for killing time.


Includes techniques familiar to advanced Sudoku players such as X-wing, swordfish, jellyfish, and XY-wing, with explanations that even beginners can easily understand.
High-level puzzles can also be solved using these techniques by using items.

◆About Function◆

★ Auto save
└ It’s a function to save a data when you leave a puzzle unfinished. Continue playing anytime.
★ Undo, Redo
└ It's a function to retrace your steps.
★ Pencil-mark
└ It’s a function to write down small numbers in the cell.
★ Auto Pencil-mark
└ It is a function to automatically enter all pencil-marks.
★ Check Mistake
└ It’s a function to check your answer.
★ Marker
└ It’s a function to find a hidden blanks or number.
★ Technique Hint
└ It’s a function to give you a hint when you have no idea.

Get it on Google Play