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60,000 games in 6 levels.
You can enjoy it anytime anywhere.
Of course, Sudoku Diagonal is free to play !


Sudoku is famous for fantastic brain game.
Sudoku Diagonal adds a new rule of diagonals to popular Sudoku.
You can enjoy this new type of Sudoku more.
Sudoku Diagonal is a fun and entertaining apps to help you develop and maintain brain abilities such as memory, concentration and reasoning.
That’s ideal for brain training as well as for killing time.

◆About Function◆

★ Auto save
└ It’s a function to save a data when you leave a puzzle unfinished. Continue playing anytime.
★ Undo, Redo
└ It's a function to retrace your steps.
★ Pencil-mark
└ It’s a function to write down small numbers in the cell.
★ Auto Pencil-mark
└ It is a function to automatically enter all pencil-marks.
★ Check Mistake
└ It’s a function to check your answer.
★ Marker
└ It’s a function to find a hidden blanks or number.
★ Technique Hint
└ It’s a function to give you a hint when you have no idea.

Get it on Google Play